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Image by Krystian Tambur


Alpha Staffshore was founded in 2020 due to the increased demand for ROV services and Its birth name was Alpha Synergy Solutions. The main goal was providing technical support, experienced and skilled personnel to the ROV industry.

Since Its foundation, Alpha has gained the trust of important international Clients which has made the number of services provided grow steadily.

It made Us draw new lines and strategies to reach and match the needs of both Consultants and Clients. Even with the name's change Alpha's values as a Company remain unchanged. 

Alpha Staffshore stands for providing Solutions and Highly Skilled Personnel, aiming to attend  to Our Clients demands and excelling expectations. We want to bring solutions to unsolved problems in an innovative, reliable and transparent way. 

Alpha Staffshore's aims for EXCELLENCE!


Providing solutions and high skilled professionals, attending to demands and overcoming expectations


We want to become the favorite company within Our Clients and Consultants


Safety, Efficiency, Teamwork, Commitment, Continuous Improvement

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